Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With a Waterhog Diamond Mat

Improve your curb appeal with Waterhog mats’ commercial-grade floor mats! They will scrape shoes clean of dirt, debris and moisture before trapping it deep beneath their surfaces for safekeeping.

These mats feature an innovative bi-level design featuring stain-resistant fabric over durable rubber nubs and a water dam border to keep liquids off of flooring surfaces. WaterHog Diamond mat can choose between an outdoor use mat with either universal cleated backing or smooth backing to suit any environment.
Easy to Clean

Since their commercial introduction in 1986, Waterhog Diamond Cord Mats have quickly become the go-to mat in America. Their signature bi-level surface scrapes shoes clean of dirt and moisture before tracking onto carpets or floors – providing peace of mind to consumers everywhere!

Clean your mats easily: we suggest vacuuming or shaking out the mats on a daily basis (or more often if they’re used in high traffic areas). For deeper cleaning needs, use shampooing or extraction methods like extraction.

The Waterhog Fashion Diamond Mat with Fabric Border was created to be stylish yet durable at once. Its beautiful diamond pattern is sure to impress in any entrance way, while its unique ridged construction cleans shoes clean as you walk over it while its raised rubber “water dam” border captures dirt and moisture under it where it belongs. Crafted with solution-dyed polypropylene fabric which dries quickly without fading or rotting over time makes this mat ideal for indoor or outdoor applications alike.

Waterhog diamond mats are constructed with antistatic polypropylene fabric that resists staining, dries quickly, and won’t fade or rot. Their bi-level construction scrapes and traps dirt and moisture at shoe level while keeping your floors cleaner for longer. In addition, their raised rubber “water dam” border comes in 18 colors to prevent any overflow onto your floors.

To keep them looking their best, mats must be regularly vacuumed (daily in high traffic areas) and spot cleaned with non-organic solvent based cleaner. Regular vacuuming helps extend the product’s life; mats can be used indoors or outside year round and are mildew, mold and rot resistant thanks to being constructed from SBR rubber for durability; either with cleated or smooth rubber backing that reduces movement on carpeted floors while smooth rubber backers offer versatility on hard surfaces.

These bi-level mats feature a patented bi-level surface designed to remove dirt and moisture from shoes, keeping floors clean, dry, and safe. Constructed of stain-resistant fabric over durable rubber nubs with recessed channels for water retention, their water dam borders are effective at scraping away mud, snow, rainwater off the floor before it accumulates underneath the mat and out onto the floor below – perfect for trapping it and off. NFSI certified slip-resistant mats don’t rot mildew or shed like cheaper coco mats do!

The premium 24 oz anti-static 100% polypropylene fiber system dries quickly, won’t fade or rot and features a raised “water dam” border to keep dirt and moisture contained within the mat and off floors reducing slipperiness, floor damage and slipperiness. Plus it’s eco-friendly too with 20% recycled content!

Available with either fabric (Waterhog Fashion Diamond) or commercial rubber borders (Waterhog Classic Diamond), these mats are ideal for moderate to heavy traffic indoor/outdoor use and easy to maintain by either vacuuming, hosing off, and hanging dry – and come equipped with both universal cleated backing options (up to 40′ lengths are currently available).

Your furry family member brings in rain, snow, dirt, sand and mud on his or her paws that needs to be managed. With its attractive diamond surface pattern that wipes away debris and traps it beneath the mat instead of tracking across your floor surface, our durable 24oz antistatic polypropylene fiber system dries quickly without fading or rotting, making this an excellent mat suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

Waterhog’s Classic Diamond and Fashion Diamond Mats utilize dual denier face construction for maximum performance. Made of 100% polypropylene fibers that dry quickly without fading, these mats effectively remove and store dirt & moisture below shoe level with its unique ridged design, while rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile crushing in high traffic areas, thus prolonging performance life of these durable floormats.

Available with either smooth or universal cleated backing, this durable high-performance mat is certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. Rubber matting shrinks and expands over time and temperature changes; allow for +/-5% manufacturing size variance tolerance when ordering this item.