Selecting a CPR Company to teach Your Office

So it’s that time of year again… CPR Training. Great. Another day wasted with bad videos and boring instructors. Pass me the toothpicks in order that I could jam them under my eyelids to help keep them open! Does this problem?

Unfortunately, CPR and MEDICAL training are right up there on the fun scale with extended dental work and clearing up following a sick dog. How does that happen? It’s true that people are more likely to inform their friends about the most tedious, boring, and monotonous class they just sat through than one that was just marginal.

If you draw the short straw and are in charge of selecting a CPR class for your office, here’s how to select a great class and become the hero of your peers.

1) Make sure the company routinely does onsite training. In this manner, you may get recertified right at your workplace. Less driving, less work lost, and an environment that is comfortable for you personally staff. Get references.

2) Find out how long the class will take and just how long the certification will undoubtedly be valid for. Don’t make your people sit through an all day long training for a 1 year certification. You can cut down their time and agony by going through a company that gives 2 year certifications.

3) Ask how many manikins they will bring. If the ratio is 3 people to 1 manikin (3:1), run! :1 is acceptable, 1:1 is ideal. Why? More manikins = more individual practice = shorter class = everyone thinks you’re the hero.

4) The instructor ratio should be low as well. Just like the manikins, more instructors = shorter class. A good rule of thumb is 8 students to at least one 1 instructor or less.

5) Finally, be sure that the instructors themselves have actually performed CPR on a genuine person before. Actual life experience makes all of the difference.